CRM Fielder

2017-03-23 15:11 

This is a tool I've made in order to simplify working with Microsoft CRM in an non typed context such as with FetchXML or OData queries. The tool retrieves all entities and all fields and makes these searchable so that you can quickly find fields and their logical names and values quickly.

It also makes it easy to generate metadata documentation or to find guids of specific users.



The program currently has these functions.

  • Search through all entities using logical or display names.
  • Search through all fields using logical or display names.
  • Search through both entities and fields at the same time finding any that match your query.
  • Display detailed information about specific fields
  • Generate enums that are copy paste ready for optionsets (se pictures below for examples).
  • Generate Excel documentation of entire CRM database metadata.
    • This includes all entities, both custom and standard
    • As well as all fields custom or not.
    • It lists all display names and field types.
    • Creates a separate sheet for all optionsets.
  • Lists all users and their guids (copy paste friendly for C#).


The program is continously (but slowly) being developped as I find new things I need for my daily work with CRM.
If you have any suggestions or ideas about the program, please leave a comment and I'll look into it (no promises).


It currently works with CRM 2016 down to CRM 2011.


To connect to CRM your PC must have Windows Identity Foundation. On windows 10 Windows Identity Foundation is installed by enabling it in Windows Features. For other other versions of windows you can download it here:  Windows Identity Foundation SDK



Version 1.8.2 download

Example images

SmallImage SmallImage SmallImage

SmallImage SmallImage SmallImage 

SmallImage SmallImage SmallImage